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Hungary | 14th Architecture Biennale

Place: Venice, Country: Italy
La Biennale di Venezia
Commissioner: Gábor Gulyás
Csaba Jakab, László Attila Márton
Text by Federica Lusiardi, Inexhibit
Photos by Riccardo Bianchini, Inexhibit



épités | building

Pavilion of Hungary | 14th Architecture Biennale of Venice

The central space of the Hungarian pavilion at the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale is occupied by an “in progress” architectural installation, which will reach a completion only at the end of the Biennale, through the contribution of the public. The installation, made of a timber framework housing hundreds of clothespins that can be used to leave comments or simply a trace of a visitor’s passage, is a metaphor of the act of building as a collaborative process.





The pavilion is indeed dedicated to how much building should rely on the interaction between architects and users; a theme which is the natural continuation of a research started two Biennales ago: in 2010 by reasoning on the design process and in 2012 by working on architectural scale models. The exhibition also includes a section illustrating the work of 21 schools and dedicated to participatory building development, as well as a selection of photographs by László Kunkovács, featuring examples of spontaneous architectures.





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