Elica Ring pavilion by stARTT

Place: Milano, Country: Italy
Client: Elica-aria nuova
Elica booth fair, Salone Internazionale del mobile, Milan 2014.
Project: stARTT, Studio di architettura e trasformazioni territoriali
Simone Capra, Claudio Castaldo, Francesco Colangeli, Dario Scaravelli
via della marrana 94 Roma - www.startt.it
team: Fabio Coletta, Davide Persanti, Andrea Valentini
Text by stARTT, Studio di architettura e trasformazioni territoriali
Photos: Gabriele Lungarella

Stand Elica - stARTT-01

Elica ring pavilion
at the Salone del Mobile 2014

Introduction by Federica Lusiardi, Inexhibit

The project by stARTT for a trade fair stand at the Salone del Mobile in Milan is one of the elements of our selected archive of experimental designs, built projects and related innovative products all sharing a conscious and creative approach to the ephemeralness of what we called transient exhibition spaces.
StARTT conceived Elica ring as a socializing space. Therefore, along with the exposed products, the booth, which recalls a public garden, also features tables and seats positioned between trees, intended for inviting people to stop and rest in a welcoming space. A simple timber boards platform and a ring fascia carrying the brand’s name concur to define the stand perimeter.

Stand Elica - stARTT_03

The Elica ring, text by stARTT

The exhibition project for Elica at Eurocucina 2014 is a suspended luminous ring that encloses a garden: a shaded and protected by the trees’ foliage home’s exterior, which stimulates a poetic reaction to the artificiality of the interior of the fair and the adjacent stands.
The presence of trees reminds the theme of the salubrity of the air. The position of the trees is chosen in order to create a sequence of spaces, open-enclosed, narrow-wide, forest-glade, dense-porous, which are aimed at enhancing the quality of shape and material of the design products on display, like an Art installation in a park. Among the plants environments for specific functions disclose: reception, meeting rooms, banquet space and restaurant, the limbo, the Gutmann dedicated pavilion.
The ring’s exterior has Elica’s logo and concept. The interior of the ring is a mirroring surface that reflects the vibration of the leaves and the movements of the people, inviting to play and look to oneself and one another.

Stand Elica - stARTT_02

Stand Elica - stARTT_04

Stand Elica - stARTT_05

Photos by Gabriele Lungarella

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