Düsseldorf | Saraceno “In Orbit”

Place: Düsseldorf, Country: Germany
Kunstsammlung NRW
In Orbit - installation
Project: Tomás Saraceno
Text by Federica Lusiardi, Inexhibit
Photos courtesy of Kunstsammlung NRW.


Düsseldorf | Tomás Saraceno “in orbit” in the Ständehaus

Until the end of 2015, the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen invites you to a truly peculiar experience in one of its exhibition venues, the K21 Ständehaus, a beautiful late-19th century building that, until 1988 was the seat of the North Rhine-Westphalia Parliament and, after a complete renovation, has been converted to a space for exhibitions and special events.




Who has never dreamt of walking in the air and seeing a place from viewpoints usually precluded to human beings?
The project “In Orbit” by Tomás Saraceno makes this dream real: an accessible giant installation, housed within the grand hall of the K21 Ständehaus, allows the visitors to walk on steel nets floating in the void 25 meters above the ground and almost touching the sky through the glass ceiling topping the building.



The installation is also composed of six transparent and reflecting spheres, that provide spatial reference points and function as spacers between the net levels. Who dares enter “In Orbit” perceive people below as little figures while they, in turn, are seen from the “piazza” like creatures swimming in the air, somehow entrapped in the net.
The system also acts as a relational network, since all new presences are perceived by others through the steel net vibrations, like happens to spiders in their web.

Tomás Saraceno – In Orbit
Kunstsammlung Nordrhein Westfalen
K21 Ständehaus
until the end of 2015



 External and internal photos of the Ständehaus © Ralph Richter
“Tomás Saraceno: In Orbit” photos © Studio Tomás Saraceno 2013
All images © Kunstsammlung NRW

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