Milan | The Cildo Meireles Installations exhibition at HangarBicocca

Place: Milano, Country: Italy
Owner: HangarBicocca Foundation
The exhibition Cildo Meireles.Installation is curated by Vicente Todoli.
Text and images by Inexhibit
Thanks to HangarBicocca Foundation.

Cildo Meireles Hangar Bicocca 01

The HangarBicocca’s “Navate” space  during the Cildo Meireles Installations exhibition 

HangarBicocca, Milan. Wednesday March 26, 2014, Cildo Meireles Installations, the first exhibition in Italy devoted to one of the most important and best-known post-war artists, opens to the public.

Curated by Vicente Todolí, the exhibition includes 12 of the Brazilian artist’s most important installations, made from 1970 to the present day.
Back in the 1960s, Meireles was one of the first to experiment with multi-sensory immersive installations that required the full involvement of the public. His works address social and cultural issues, revealing their full meaning only when they are walked through, involving not just sight but also hearing, touch, smell and even taste.

Cildo Meireles Hangar Bicocca 05

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Cildo Meireles, Babel, 2001

Cildo Meireles Hangar Bicocca 06

Cildo Meireles, Olvido, 1987-1989

12 exhibited artworks, 11 large installations and a tiny sculpture, by Meireles emerge from the “Navate” dark, dim-lighted gallery.
The exhibition, as explained by its curator Vicente Todoli, offers the visitor the possibility to appreciate the physical and sensory aspects of Meireles’ work. Like a spider does with its net, the artist uses the seductive appearance of his artworks to attract the public into his installations, and with his ironic and incisive approach gives them a means to experience new concepts and new behaviours.

Cildo Meireles Hangar Bicocca 07

Cildo Meireles, Amerikkka 1991/2013

Cildo Meireles Hangar Bicocca 08

 Cildo Meireles, Entrevendo, 1970/1994

Cildo Meireles Hangar Bicocca 09

Cildo Meireles, Abajour, 1997/2010

Cildo Meireles Hangar Bicocca 10

Cildo Meireles, Marulho 1991/1997

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