Asphalte Jungle by Wagon Landscaping transforms asphalt surfaces into gardens

Place: Paris, France


Asphalte Jungle by Wagon Landscaping transforms asphalt surfaces into gardens

Devised by French landscape design office Wagon Landscaping, “Asphalte Jungle” is a project aimed at removing impervious surfaces and, at the same time, fertilizing the soil by recycling urban artificial ground covers in situ. Developed in the framework of the FAIRE project accelerator, ‘Asphalte Jungle’ was realized in the courtyard of a residential building in Paris, thanks to a partnership with social landlord Elogie-Siemp.

The process behind Asphalte Jungle consists of cutting out the asphalt concrete in the desired form to create space for a garden. No material leaves the courtyard, the fertile substrate is created by sorting the existing materials and remixing them in order to create a renewed soil called ‘technosol’. Depending on the desired outcome, some soil amendments like compost or potting soil are also added. The plant palette used is highly diverse, consisting of ornamental and regional plants specifically selected for low maintenance and to improve biological diversity; it has a low water footprint and is intended to adapt over time to the new climatic regime.
The experiment illustrates the possibility of adapting this urban soil fertilization strategy to the various urban contexts; particularly the challenge is that of reducing impervious surface cover. It also reflects the desire to reintroduce living throughout the city, all the while mitigating the urban heat island effect in Parisian courtyards.




photos: © Yann Monel, courtesy of FAIRE
cover image: courtesy of Paris Design Week

What is FAIRE
Launched in 2017 by the Pavillon de l’Arsenal with the City of Paris and the support of the Caisse des Dépôts de MINI and EDF, the FAIRE platform invites multidisciplinary teams to propose innovative research and experimentation in the face of major urban challenges: climate, materials crisis, new technologies, resilience, solidarity, mobility, energy.
FAIRE is the first accelerator of architectural projects and urban design.

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