Zuecca Project Space, Venice

Giudecca 33, Venezia
Veneto, Italy
Email: form on museum's website
Phone: +39 041 2406840
Website: http://www.zueccaprojects.org/
closed on: Variable, see the website
Museum Type: Cultural centers
Zuecca Project Space Zitelle Venice 3

Opened in 2011, the Zuecca Project Space, in Venice, is a space dedicated to the production of cultural projects.
Housed in the Zitelle Palladian building complex in the Giudecca island (hence its name), the Zuecca Project Space promotes contemporary art exhibitions and events which conjugate the local communities and some of the most important international cultural institutions.
Some of the most relevant activities include the art exhibitions Ai Wei Wei Disposition – a collateral event of the 2013 Venice Art Biennale – and Heartbreak Hotel – Vanhaerents Art Collection (2015), and the architectural event The Yenikapi project (2014) by Peter Eisenman.





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