Museo di Santa Giulia, Brescia

via Musei 81/b, Brescia
Lombardia, Italy
Phone: +39 (0)30.2977833-834
closed on: Mondays
Museum Type: Archaeology, History / City
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The Museo di Santa Giulia is a large museum of fine art, archaeology, applied arts and history in Brescia, northern Italy.

Architectural complex and UNESCO’s World Heritage Site
The museum occupies a 14,000-square meter / 150,000-square-foot historical complex, part of a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, which includes the Roman architectural complex of the Domus dell’Ortaglia, built between the I and IV century AD; the Longobard Basilica of San Salvatore; the Romanesque oratory of Santa Maria in Solario; the Monastery of Santa Giulia, with its church and two cloisters, dating back to the 16th century.

Collections of archaeology, fine and applied arts
The Museo di Santa Giulia mostly presents artworks, archaeological artifacts, and objects of applied arts related to the Brescia territory from Prehistory to the 19th century. The collections of archaeology, and art from antiquity to the Middle Ages include Celtic artifacts, ancient Roman mosaics and sculptures, including the famous bronze statue of the Winged Victory of Brescia, dating back to the 1st century AD; and an exceptional collection of Longobard mosaics, frescoes, bronzes, arms, and ritual objects including the famous Cross of Desiderius, a gold-plated wooden processional cross dating back to the 9th century AD.
The visit to the remains of the Roman Domus on the underground level, as well as to the Medieval and Renaissance-age churches and choirs of the architectural complex of Santa Giulia, is also part of the visitor’s experience.
The collections of art and applied arts after the Middle Ages includes paintings and sculptures, mostly by Lombard artists, as well as pieces of furniture, ceramics, carpets, tapestries, glasses, silvers, Murano chandeliers, medals, armors, and decorated arms.

The program of activities and events of the Santa Giulia Museum also includes temporary exhibitions, art workshops, theatrical classes,  meetings, and special events.


Museo Santa Giulia Brescia 5

The Santa Giulia architectural complex and museum in Brescia, view of one of the cloisters of the monastery. Photo Xiquinhosilva.

Roman villa archaeological remains Museo Santa Giulia Brescia

Archeological remains of the “Domus dell’Ortaglia” Roman architectural complex, 1st-4th century AD, located on the underground floor of the Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia. Photo Xiquinhosilva

Museo Santa Giulia Brescia 8

Interior view of the architectural complex of Santa Giulia, Brescia. Photo Xiquinhosilva.

Museo Santa Giulia Brescia 7

The “Coro delle Monache” 15th-century choir, adjacent to the Basilica of San Salvatore, in the Santa Giulia complex. Photo Xiquinhosilva.

Museo Santa Giulia Brescia 6

The “Winged Victory of Brescia” bronze statue, 1st century AD. Photo Xiquinhosilva.

St. Julia of Corsica female crucifix Museo Santa Giulia Brescia

Among the most peculiar artworks on exhibition at the Santa Giulia Museum, the Crucifixion of St. Julia of Corsica is a 17th-century sculpture by Giovanni Carra and one of the few examples of a Baroque female crucifix Photo Xiquinhosilva.

Museo Santa Giulia Brescia 4

A view of the Italian Renaissance painting galleries. Photo Dvdbramhall.

Museo Santa Giulia Brescia 2 Inexhibit

The museum book and gif shop. Photo Riccardo Bianchini / Inexhibit

Cover image: the Santa Giulia architectural complex and museum, Brescia, view of the “Chiostro Grande” cloister. Photo Xiquinhosilva.

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