Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris

boulevard Morland, 21, Paris
Île-de-France, France
Phone: +33 1 42 76 33 97
closed on: Mondays, and January 1
Museum Type: Architecture / Urbanism, History / City
Pavillon Arsenal Architecture center Paris

Opened in 1988, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris is a cultural center which provides information, documentation, and exhibitions focused on urban planning and architecture in the city of Paris and in the Parisian metropolitan area.

The center is housed in a pavilion design by architect A. Clément in 1879 built on the site of a former ordnance depot (hence its name) by businessman Laurent-Louis Borniche who wanted to publicly present his collection of paintings.
After the death of Borniche, the pavilion was sold and then used as a warehouse, a restaurant, a tailor workshop, and an archive, until it was eventually transformed by the City of Paris into a center for architecture and urbanism.

Activities and exhibitions
Although particularly dedicated to temporary exhibitions, meetings, and conferences, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal also features an interesting permanent exhibition entitled “Paris a city in the making”. On 800 square meters / 8,600 square feet, the exhibition presents the history of the urban development of Paris through documents, photographs, maps, plans, films and multimedia exhibits, including a large interactive map depicting Paris’ future urban evolution.

The program of activities and events of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal comprises special thematic exhibitions, publications, lectures, conferences, and guided tours throughout the city. The center also organizes workshops and educational activities, particularly aimed at children, and includes a documentation center and a photo library open to the public, both specialized in architecture and urban design, as well as a bookshop-boutique.


Pavillon de l’Arsenal, la Maquette Numérique. Photo courtesy Pavillon de l’Arsenal.


Pavillon de l’Arsenal, photo Piet Theisohn.


Pavillon de l’Arsenal, pictures from the exhibition “BAM SYSTEM – Bâtiment Autonome Modulaire”, 2015.  Photos courtesy Pavillon de l’Arsenal.

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