Museum der Völker | Schwaz

Sankt Martin, 16 , Schwaz
Tyrol, Austria
Phone: +43 (0) 5242 66090
closed on: none
Museum Type: Anthropology / ethnography
museum der volker tyrol 01

The Museum der Völker (Museum of People) in Schwaz, Austrian Tyrol, is an ethnographic museum, based of the personal collection of the photographer and journalist  Gert Chesi.

The museum, housed in a building recently renovated by Austrian architect Peter Mayrhofer, presents a 2,000-piece collection of artifact from African, Asian and African-American cultures as well as of non-European art and photography.
The museum permanent exhibition has been renovated in 2013, to better contextualize the ethnographic pieces exposed.

The  Museum der Völker organizes  temporary exhibitions, learning activities for adults and children, lectures and concerts. At the museum, an “ethnoshop” and a café are available to the visitors.

Photos courtesy of Museum der Völker

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