Muséum de Toulouse

35 allées Jules Guesde , Toulouse
Midi-Pyrénées, France
closed on: Mondays
Museum Type: Natural history
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The Muséum de Toulouse, also known as Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle, is an important natural history museum in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France.

The museum was opened in 1796 and, since 2007, is housed in a modern building designed by French architect Jean-Paul Viguier, has an impressive collection of specimens, exposed into 4 main sections, but also includes a botanic garden and other thematic gardens, on a total surface of three hectares.

The permanent exhibition of the museum depicts the relationship between man and nature in different sections.
Terre planète active (Earth, an active planet) is dedicated to geology. Ordre du vivant (Living organisms) is focused on life, biology, and biodiversity. La Vie dans les Temps (Life over Times) narrates the history of life on planet Earth during the last 3,8 billion years. Les Besoins de l’Homme (The Needs of Mankind) is focused on the fundamental requirements of all men: food, reproduction, mobility, protection, communication, and so on.
The galleries present a vast set of specimens, together with videos, 3D reconstructions and interactive exhibits. As mentioned earlier, the gardens are an integral part of the visit and include orchards, wild gardens, a rose garden, and the Botanical garden Henri Gaussen, featuring various natural environments including deserts and tropical forests.

The Muséum de Toulouse organizes temporary exhibitions, special events, conferences, workshops, and educational programs for adults and children.
At the museum, a library, a media library, an auditorium, two shops, a restaurant and a cafe are available to the visitors.
The Natural History Museum of Toulouse is fully accessible to people with disabilities

Photos: cover, 2 and 3 Muséum de Toulouse; 1 Muséum de Toulouse – Géraldine Millo; 4 Muséum de Toulouse –  Patrice Nin

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