Museo della Tappezzeria | Bologna

Via di Casaglia, 3, Bologna
Emilia Romagna, Italy
Phone: + 39 (0)51 6145512
closed on: Monday.
Museum Type: Decorative arts / Handicraft
museo tappezzeria Bologna

The Museo della Tappezzeria Vittorio Zironi (Museum of Tapestry), was established after the Second World War by Vittorio Zironi and has been enlarged from then on through important donations; the museum is currently housed in the 18th century Villa Spada. The museum mission is to be a reference point in its field through workshops of textile restoration and weaving techniques masterclasses. The permanent collection contains about 6,000 pieces including Oriental and Italian fabrics, passamenterie, textile decorations and clothes. The museum also offers workshop spaces available to schools. The museum is open to the public in the mornings.

Review by Federica Lusiardi, Inexhibit
Photo courtesy Museo della Tappezzeria Vittorio Zironi



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