Moderna Museet | Stockholm

Slupskjulsvägen, 7, Stockholm
Götaland, Sweden
Email: form on the museum website
Phone: +46 8 5202 3503
closed on: Monday
Museum Type: Art
Moderna museet Stockholm 01

The Moderna museet in Stockholm is one of the most important modern and contemporary art museums in Sweden.

The museum was opened in 1958 and, since 1998, is housed inside a modern building in the heart of Stockholm, designed by Spanish architect Rafael Moneo.

The large permanent collection of the museum, constituted by  paintings, sculptures, installations, printings and drawings, is focused on art of the 20th and 21st century and includes works by Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Louise Bourgeois, Salvador Dalí, Henri Matisse and Robert Rauschenberg, among others.
The Moderna Museet has also an interesting selection of contemporary art, including works directly commissioned by the museum, and a relevant collection of around 100,000 photographs.
The museum also includes a collection of artworks, books and documents, donated by the former director of the museum Pontus Hultén, part of which is on view in a gallery provided with an innovative screens system designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, together with Hultén himself.

The Moderna museum organizes temporary exhibitions, guided tours, conferences, music concerts, learning activities and special events with a particular attention to families and schools. At the museum an art library, an auditorium, a cinema, a shop, a bar and a restaurant, with a fascinating view over Stockholm, are available to the visitors. The Moderna Museet Stockholm is wheelchair-accessible.

The Moderna network is also composed by a satellite branch in South Sweden, the Moderna Museet, Malmö.

Review by Riccardo Bianchini, Inexhibit
Photos: cover and 1 © Moderna Museet / Åsa Lundén; 2 © Moderna Museet / Prallan Allsten. 3 © Moderna Museet / Albin Dahström

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