Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart

Mercedesstrasse 100 , Stuttgart
Baden-Württemberg, Germany
closed on: Mondays, and December 24, 25 & 31
Museum Type: Technology / Industry, Transports / Automotive

The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart is an automobile museum dedicated to the history of the famous German motor vehicle manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, the oldest in the world.

The museum is housed in a futuristic 180,000-square-foot building, completed in 2006 after a design by the Dutch architectural practice UN Studio (formerly known as Van Berkel en Bos architects).


Exterior view of the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart

The permanent exhibition of the museum, encompassing both thematic and chronological sections, extends on 9 levels arranged along a large helicoid ramp.
Featuring some 150 vehicles and over 1,500 exhibits, the galleries depict the history of the Mercedes-Benz brand, from 1886 to the present, through its most notable road vehicles and sports cars, and a selection of the near-future projects and prototypes by the German manufacturer.


Cars from the permanent collection of the museum on view in one of the galleries

The Mercedes-Benz museum also organizes temporary exhibitions, guided tours, special events, activities, and learning programs for children and families.
The museum, which includes a cafeteria, a restaurant, and a shop, is fully accessible to people with disabilities and offers special guided tours for physically-impaired persons.

Mercedes-Benz museum Stuttgard galleries 01

The famous “rotunda” of the Mercedes-Benz Museum recalls that of the Guggenheim Museum in New York designed by Frank Lloyd Wright


Race cars on view at the museum, including a Formula 1

Photos courtesy of Daimler AG, panorama by Roland Geider

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