Lafayette Anticipations, Paris

9, rue du Plâtre, Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 57 40 64 17
closed on: Tuesdays
Museum Type: Cultural centers

Lafayette Anticipations is an exhibition hall and a multidisciplinary center for the arts in central Paris, housed in a historical building renovated after a design by OMA.

History and building
Opened on March 10, 2018, in Paris’ Marais neighborhood, close to the Centre Pompidou, the center was founded by the Fondation Galeries Lafayette with the aim to foster initiatives “for the support of contemporary creation”.
Lafayette Anticipations is housed in a former industrial building, built in 1891 and designed by French architect Samuel Menjot de Dammartin, which has been renovated and expanded after a design by architectural firm OMA, led by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.

Lafayette Anticipations Paris OMA Rem Koolhaas

Lafayette Anticipations, Paris, facade on rue du Plâtre; photo © DSL Studio 

Encompassing a total gross floor area of 2,200 square meters / 23,680 square feet, the project developed by the Dutch practice, along with a complete refurbishment and retrofitting of the old 7-story building, included the creation of a steel-and-glass tower, fitting into the center’s courtyard. 19 meter high, the 875-square-meter / 9,400-square-foot the tower is a flexible and re-configurable exhibition space with four mobile floors which provides 49 different spatial configurations.
The center accommodates exhibition spaces, creative workshops, a 350-square-meter production workshop for guest artists, administration offices, storage rooms, a cafe-restaurant, and a shop.

Since it has been conceived as a place for art production, Lafayette Anticipations does not contains a permanent exhibition, while it features an articulated program of activities and events. Mainly focused on visual arts, design, fashion, performing arts, and music, the program of the center comprises special exhibitions, creative workshops, music concerts, theatrical performances, and special events, frequently made in collaboration with other institutions, including the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Kunsthalle Basel, MoMA PS1, and the New Museum in New York.


Lafayette Anticipations Paris OMA Rem Koolhaas 4

Lafayette Anticipations, interior view, © Andrea Rosetti

Lafayette Anticipations Paris OMA Rem Koolhaas 2

Lafayette Anticipations Paris OMA Rem Koolhaas sections

Lafayette Anticipations, model, and functional diagram; images courtesy of OMA

Lafayette Anticipations Paris OMA Rem Koolhaas 6

View of the”exhibition tower; photo © Vinciane Lebrun-Verguethen

Lafayette Anticipations Paris OMA Rem Koolhaas 5

The main facade on rue du Plâtre; ©  Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti

Cover image, the Lafayette Anticipations center for the arts in Paris, interior view; © DSL Studio

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