FRAC Bretagne | Rennes

avenue André Mussat, 19, Rennes
Bretagne, France
Phone: +33 (0)2 99 37 37 93
closed on: Monday
Museum Type: Art
FRAC Bretagne

The FRAC Bretagne (Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain) in Rennes is a public institution aimed at the promotion of contemporary art in its various means of expression.
Since 2012, the center, founded in 1981, is housed in a new, iconic building designed by French architects Odile Decq and Benoît Cornette.

Above: a view of the iconic building of the FRAC Bretagne, designed by Odile Decq and Benoît Cornette; photo Médiathèque De Quimperlé (CC BY 2.0).

The FRAC Bretagne has a permanent collection composed of more than 4,000 artworks by French and International artists, the collection covers different interpretations of contemporary art: abstract art in various forms, nature-inspired art, and cross contaminations among different art languages, such as photography, cinema, and visual arts.
The FRAC also organizes temporary exhibitions, including a contemporary art biennial.

At the center, an auditorium, learning spaces, workshops, a library, and a restaurant-cafeteria are available to the visitors.

Photos:  and 2 by Médiathèque De Quimperlé; 3 by Alan Hasoo


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