Chedworth Roman Villa | Cheltenham

Yanworth, Cheltenham
South West England, United Kingdom
closed on: open daily
Museum Type: Archaeology
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The Chedworth Roman Villa, near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, is one of the most important Roman archaeological sites in Britain.

Discovered accidentally in 1864, the villa is now a National Trust site where the remains on a large farm dating back to the 2nd century BC can be visited. Over a mile of Roman walls,  bathhouses, a water shrine, and mosaics of exceptional relevance can be seen, backgrounded by the fascinating Cotswolds rural landscape. The site has been recently completed by a high-quality new building designed by British practice Feilden Glegg Bradley Studios, adding a new visitor center and an educational facility to the archaeological ensemble.

At the Chedworth Roman Villa, special events and a broad range of learning activities as well as guided tours for adults and children are regularly organized. The center also includes a café with outdoor decking and a shop specializing in Roman history.

Photos: cover, 2 and 3 copyright John Dowson, courtesy of Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios; 1 copyright National Trust

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The project by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios for the Roman Villa archaeological site near Chedworth is exceptional for the history of Roman Britain

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