Carlo Goldoni House

San Polo, 2794, Venezia
Veneto, Italy
closed on: Wednesdays, December 25, January 1, and May 1
Museum Type: History / City
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The Casa di Carlo Goldoni is the house where the famous Venetian playwright was born in 1707, converted into a museum in 1953.

Also known as Ca’ Centani, the building is small palace dating back to the 15th century which has retained, despite many renovations, the typical characters of the Venetian late-Gothic architecture. The palace features a beautiful courtyard with lancet arches and .
In 1931, the owners donated the building to the Venice Municipality with the aim to establish a museum dedicated to the life and work of Goldoni.

Carlo Goldoni (1707 – 1793) is one of the most beloved Italian playwrights of all time, renowned for his comedies, often written in Venetian dialect, such as the Servant of Two Masters, The Mistress of the Inn, and The Chioggia Scuffles, to name a few. Goldoni also wrote various librettos for comic operas by major Classical music composers, including Joseph Haydn, and Giovanni Paisiello.

The museum’s permanent exhibition, renovated in 2012, encompasses eight rooms, each evoking the moods expressed in the writer’s works; the exhibition is enriched by scenery setting replicas, documents, antique furniture, and a 18th century marionette theater. Along with depicting the work of the famous playwright, the exhibition also provides an overview of the late-Baroque Italian theater as well as of the cultural life of Venice in the eighteen century.

The museum also includes a media library with over 150 videos, a 30,000-volume reference library focused on theatrical art, and a bookshop.

The Carlo Goldoni House hosts temporary exhibitions, live performances, special events, and educational programs for children and adults. The museum is fully accessible to physically-impaired people.

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Main facade of the Carlo Goldoni House museum in Venice, photo: Irish Typepad

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Courtyard of the Carlo Goldoni House; photo courtesy of MuVE, Fondazione Musei Civici Venezia

Casa Carlo Goldoni museo Venezia 1

Exhibition room on the first floor of the Carlo Goldoni House; photo courtesy of MuVE

Casa Carlo Goldoni museo Venezia 6

An 18th century puppet from the museum’s collection; photo courtesy of MuVE

Cover image: the courtyard of the Carlo Goldoni House museum in Venice; photo: christheobscure

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