Adachi Museum of Art | Yasugi

320 Furukawa-Cho, Yasugi
Chūgoku, Japan
Phone: +81 85428-7111
closed on: none
Museum Type: Art
Adachi museum of art 01

The Adachi Museum of Art ( 足立美術館 ) is a museum in Yasugi, in the Furukawa-Cho region, devoted to modern Japanese art, also famous for its Zen gardens.

The museum was founded in 1980 by the businessman Adachi Zenko to publicly display his collection of paintings by the 20th century artist Yokoyama Taikan as well the Japanese gardens Adachi had personally designed. The collection of the Adachi museum includes 1,500 paintings and works of applied art by 26 modern Japanese artists.

As mentioned earlier, the museum features an outstanding ensemble of Japanese-style gardens: a moss garden, a dry landscape garden, a Juryu-an garden, a pond garden, a white gravel and pine garden and a Kikaku-no-taki waterfall. The gardens are not intended simply as pleasant places, they are indeed considered as artworks as such, similar to the paintings inside the museum but using different media.
The Adachi museum of Art hosts four temporary exhibition per year, conceived accordingly to the seasonal changes of the surrounding landscape.

Photos: cover and 2 by lazy fri13th; 1 by Naoya Fujii

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