YAPE -Your Autonomous Pony Express – won the 2019 German Design Award


YAPE – autonomous electric vehicle for urban delivery, designed by Italian company e-Novia, has recently won the prestigious German Design Award 2019.

YAPE an innovative urban delivery self-driving electric vehicle by Italian company e-Novia has prevailed in the Utility Vehicles category.
Developed in Milan, YAPE, an acronym for “Your Autonomous Pony Express”, is a small two-wheel vehicle especially conceived to deliver parcels in the notoriously narrow and uneven streets of many European cities’ historical centers.
YAPE can reach a maximum speed of 6 kilometers / 3.7 miles per hour traveling on sidewalks and of 20 kph / 12.5 mph on bike paths delivering parcels weighing up to 70 kilograms.

The vehicle has an autonomy of 80 kilometers / 50 miles without recharging and is operated by a smartphone through a special app which implements users’ facial recognition.
A very agile vehicle characterized by a clean and uncluttered curvilinear design, YAPE has won the Utility Vehicles category of the German Design Award, one of the world’s most important industrial design awards, prevailing over a number of designs aimed to industry and logistic by international high-tech firms and companies.


YAPE by e-Novia





 YAPE in Cremona. Stills from video

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