“We Are Frying!”, a recent work by Luzinterruptus


“We Are Frying!”, a recent work by Luzinterruptus,

Focused on the theme of climate change, “We Are Frying!” is the new work by Luzinterruptus, the Spanish art collective that keeps on surprising us with their provoking site-specific installations devised to attract the public attention on great issues. Here is the text they sent us. (inexhibit)

We made the best of the fall foliage season by carrying out an idea that had been in our minds for a while. We have called it “We Are Frying!” and, with it, we want to bring attention back to climate change. We sort of had the feeling that this issue had lost relevance in these pandemic times despite the fact that it has not stopped sending us alarming warnings in the form of global warming making the already sadly famous 2020 the warmest year since temperatures began to be recorded. We aren’t going to provide any simplistic explanations on the topic.
A quick internet search can offer us detailed information about its causes and its consequences. We can also find the opinions of renowned experts who are warning us about the danger we are in for living the way we have until now.
According to these experts, the Earth will surely survive this new climate change as it already has on other occasions. However, we’d, humans, better hurry up to artificially adapt without the help of evolution. Otherwise, we will become extinct in little more than 40 years.


In order to visualize these predictions graphically, we have imagined a future where the atmosphere is so warm that the leaves are already fried before they hit the ground.
For the setting, we picked a location away from the Christmas lights that had deciduous trees. We came across a park in the Conde Duque area full of trees and people who go there to practice sports and walk their dogs.
We filled several sacks with potato chips (unfit for consumption) which we laid on the ground making a perfect circle which we carefully lighted. Park visitors approached attracted by the light. They didn’t notice the potato chips until they took a better look. They assumed that we had gathered the leaves from the trees, piled them there, and put lights in them. The dogs were smarter…
We carried out this action on a warm day in Madrid at the end of December. It was more of a spring day than an autumn day. A few days later, we were hit by the worst blizzard in the history of our city. We are still in the midst of it.
Let us not kid ourselves or confuse meteorology with climate. These extreme meteorological phenomena are produced by global warming which has taken us from the warmest year in history to a dreadful cold wave that has left us the most intense snowfalls in the last 50 years.
We will be hopefully spared from witnessing an event like that, although we prefer potato chips to fall off trees than frogs rain from the sky. We wish you a slightly better 2021. (Luzinterruptus)






Images courtesy of Luzinterruptus

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