Vienna Design Week 2020 will be held as scheduled

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The next edition of the Vienna Design Week will take place from 25 September to 4 October 2020.

“Changes and challenges, digital transformation, and problem-solving – these are the tasks that design has always tackled. Right now there is more than enough to do!
We will adapt to the circumstances of the consequences of Covid-19, but the basic orientation of the festival and the fields of interest remain. The global reaction to Covid-19 and its long-term consequences illustrate the incalculable importance of the design sector as a link between the needs of society and the development of solutions that meet these needs. Product development is as much part of the area of activity of designers as is the shaping of social processes. Design can now use this unique position to demonstrate the role that it can play in society and the positive influence that it can exert through the development of the tools and processes that we will need in the future.”

With these words, the Viennese Design Week organizers, directed by Lilli Hollein, have announced that the Vienna Design Week will take place from 25 September to 4 October 2020.

Focus District
Vienna Design Week
will discover and display design across Vienna, but the area of the city that will enjoy the special spotlight during the 2020 edition of the festival is Meidling, the Vienna’s 12th District.
The mixture of neighborhoods with traditional structures and dynamically developing areas, of residential, traffic, and commercial uses, and of a wide range of building densities means that Meidling is particularly suitable as a design laboratory. The history of the traditional working-class district is just as tangible as the influence of its remaining local industries, the identity of its former village centers, and the cultural mixture of its diverse ethnic groups.

Switzerland is the 2020 guest country
Alongside the Focus District and Festival Headquarters, the Guest Country is another of the pillars upon which the program of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is built. Each year, the design scene of a different European country is presented; this ensures that designers and content from the Guest Country are a special focus of the festival. Following appearances from a series of Eastern and Central European countries in recent years and Finland in 2019, this year the festival welcomes Switzerland as a special guest.

Graphic Design
This year’s graphic design for the festival, by Bueronardin, plays with forms, colors, and movement. The festival’s digital focus is reflected in moving strips, speech bubbles, messenger bubbles, pop-ups, and responsive movements. The forms represent the exhibits, interpret the design process, and interact with one another and with the public.

Festival-Kampagne-2020 © Bueronardin-Vienna Design Week-1

Festival Kampagne 2020 © Bueronardin- Vienna-Design Week-2

Vienna Design Week 2020, Graphic design (c) Bueronardin.

Vienna Design Week 2020
25 September / 4 October 2020.
Festival Headquarters at Amtshaus Meidling Theresienbadgasse, 1120 Vienna

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