Venice | Fully renovated Murano Glass Museum reopens


Today, February 9, 2015, the Glass Museum in Murano, Venice, reopens its doors after the completion of major renovation and extension works. 

The exhibition space has been almost doubled and a brand new concept, permanent exhibition design and itinerary, give the visitors the opportunity to fully appreciate the history of glass manufacturing in Murano along with all the masterpieces presented at the museum.




The renovation and extension project involved both the historical Palazzo Giustinian, where the museum is located since 1861, and a former glass-bead factory, adjacent to the museum garden.
The works provided new services to the public, full accessibility to disabled people, two new elevators and new rooms featuring notable pieces from the collection, never exposed before, and additionally providing space for contemporary art special events.




The renovation works were made possible through a collaboration between the European Union, The Region Veneto and the Venice Municipality.

The rooms inside the former glass factory have been transformed in fascinating white boxes and, along with preserving the original architecture, now provide well-lit flexible spaces. The new exhibition itinerary begins with an introductory chronological section showing about 50 rare glass objects, dating from Ancient Rome times to the 20th century and depicting, also through interactive exhibits, the milestones of glass-making in Murano as well as its style and technical evolution over time.

Images courtesy of Muve-Fondazione Musei Civici Venezia



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