Venice: Marcin Gierat celebrates the artisanal tradition of Murano glass makers

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Venice: Marcin Gierat celebrates the artisanal tradition of Murano glass-makers

On the occasion of The Venice Glass Week 2020, Zuecca Projects presents the exhibition ‘Man in the Glass‘. Involving in the project a selection of historical and prestigious furnaces from Murano – Barovier&Toso, Nason Moretti, Schiavon Art Team – Polish artist Marcin Gierat has created a photographic series that celebrates the great artisanal tradition of Murano glass-makers: a series of portraits of the masters, directly captured on glass plates made by them.

Through the Wet-Collodion process, an early photographic technique, and the use of a camera from the XIX Century, Gierat realizes his pictures on glass plates, instead of photographic film. The result is a unique work that can’t be reproduced.
Each furnace involved in the project created its specific series of glass plates, with its characteristic techniques and iconic colors. The glass plates produced have been used as the capture medium of their portraits.
“Man in the Glass” by Marcin Gierat is curated by Marica Denora and Alessandro Possati.
The exhibition will be hosted at Squero Castello, from 5 September to 10 October 2020.


Marcin Gierat, Portrait of Massimiliano Schiavon, CEO Schiavon Art Team, 2019. 
Wet-Collodion photograph on Murano glass, tipologia Avventurina. 21.5×27.5 cm


MAN IN THE GLASS by Marcin Gierat
5 September / 10 October 2020
Squero Castello – Salizada Streta 369, Castello 30122, Venice, Italy


images courtesy of Zuecca Projects.

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