The program of the Venice Art Biennale 2022, The Milk of Dreams


The program of the Venice Art Biennale 2022, The Milk of Dreams, has been presented by curator Cecilia Alemani

The program of the  59th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, entitled “The Milk of Dreams”, has been presented on February 2, 2022, by the exhibition curator Cecilia Alemani, and Roberto Cicutto, President of La Biennale di Venezia.
Running from April 23 through November 27, 2022, The Milk of Dreams takes its name from a book by Leonora Carrington in which, as the curator explains: “the Surrealist artist describes a magical world where life is constantly re-envisioned through the prism of the imagination. It is a world where everyone can change, be transformed, become something or someone else.”

The exhibition will be a complex event featuring various subjects, partly relating to a present time in which the future of mankind is threatened by climate crises, global pandemics, and social inequalities, but also investigating other themes, related to both science and art. How the concept of human identity is changing? Are Anthropocene and the supremacy of man over nature ending? What responsibility do humans have towards the other forms of life on this planet? What life on Earth would look like without us?
This year’s Venice Art Biennale focuses on three main thematic areas: the representation of human bodies and their transformation, the relationship between people and technology, and the links between humans and the Earth.

The layout of the exhibition – which will be located at The Biennale Gardens and the Venetian Arsenal, as usual –  is pretty interesting; together with works by contemporary artists, the 2022 Biennale will feature five thematic exhibitions presenting works by artists who, in the past, had explored some of the key subjects of this year’s edition; “Conceived as time capsules, these micro-exhibitions provide tools for investigation and introspection and create intertwinings and links between historical pieces – with important loans from international museums, and unconventional choices – and the works of contemporary artists presented nearby”, Cecilia Alemani says.

Some numbers of the upcoming Venice Art Biennale 2022: 213 artists from 58 countries – many of them featured for the first time in Venice – and 1433 works on view, 80 of which never presented before.

The Milk of Dreams – 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia
April 23 – November 27, 2022. Venice, Italy

Cover image: Roberto Cicutto and Cecilia Alemani, foto courtesy of la Biiennale di Venezia

Anicka Yi, Biologizing the Machine (tentacular trouble), Venice Art Biennale 2019-photo-Inexhibit

A view of the 58th Venice Art Biennale, 2019; photo © Inexhibit.

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Venice Art Biennale 2022, The Milk of Dreams

Venice Art Biennale 2022, The Milk of Dreams

Venice Art Biennale 2022, The Milk of Dreams

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