‘Tomás Saraceno – ARIA’, Palazzo Strozzi in Florence from 22 February 2020


‘Tomás Saraceno – ARIA’, Palazzo Strozzi in Florence from 22 February 2020

From the next 22 February, Palazzo Strozzi in Florence will host the exhibition ‘Tomás Saraceno – ARIA’. As multifaceted artist, architect, artist and biology scholar, Saraceno has always investigated art, natural and social sciences, inviting us to change our point of view on reality in order to connect with non-human elements, such as dust, insects or plants, which they become protagonists of his installations and metaphors of the cosmos.
At the last art biennial in Venice, the Argentine-born artist presented the ‘spider/web pavilion 7’ an installation with which he explored the role of arachnids in the context of the current environmental crisis. By defining the networks created by spiders as ‘non-human pavilions’, the artist explained how these structures are an invitation to the interconnection of all things, both living and non-living.
At Palazzo Strozzi, a path of immersive works, installed between the courtyard and the Piano Nobile, will enter into a relationship with the historical context of the site and with Florence, weaving an interesting dialogue between the Renaissance and the contemporary.


above and cover image: Tomás Saraceno, Render view of ‘Thermodynamic Constellation’ for the courtyard of  Palazzo Strozzi, 2020 (detail)

Thermodynamic Constellation‘, that will be set up in the courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi, is a metaphor for a new era of solidarity between man and the environment.
Tomas Saraceno’s philosophy is expressed by an interdisciplinary artistic community, called ‘Aerocene‘, launched by the artist himself.
Formed by three large suspended spheres made up of transparent and mirror sheets, the work was born from Saraceno’s experimentation with real hot air balloons capable of flying thanks to solar energy alone. The spheres are prototypes of aerosol balloons capable of performing flights over long distances at heights between 20 and 40 kilometers, floating around the world free from borders and fossil fuels. The installation is an invitation to rethink how we live our world in a poetic way, transforming the courtyard of Palazzo di Strozzi into a physical and philosophical platform to propose a paradigm shift through an original dialogue between the Renaissance and the contemporary: from man to the center of the world to man as part of a universe in which to seek a new harmony.


Above: Tomás Saraceno, Spider/Web Pavilion 7: Oracle Readings, Weaving Arachnomancy, Synanthropic Futures: At-ten(t)sion to invertebrate rights!, 2019, mixed media,
58° Venice Art Biennale, 2019, ‘May You Live In Interesting Times’. Photos © Inexhibit, 2019


“Tomás Saraceno, Algo-r(h)i(y)thms, 2018, installation view at ON AIR, Palais de Tokio, Paris, 2018. Photo © Andrea Rossetti. Courtesy of Tomás Saraceno (www.studiotomassaraceno.org)


Above: “Tomás Saraceno: In Orbit”, K21 Ständehaus, Düsseldorf, 2013-15
Photos © Studio Tomás Saraceno, 2013. Images courtesy of © Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen

Tomás Saraceno – ARIA
temporary exhibition
Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze (Florence)
22 February /  19 July 2020
website: https://www.palazzostrozzi.org/?lang=en

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