‘Time machine. Vedere e sperimentare il tempo'(seeing and experiencing time) exhibition in Parma

Time machine. Vedere e sperimentare il tempo
Time machine. Seeing and experiencing time

The ‘Time machine. Vedere e sperimentare il tempo‘ (seeing and experiencing time) exhibition, at Palazzo del Governatore in Parma is a journey into the world of moving images and an excursion through how, in the last 150 years, cinema and many other media have been playing with time. The exhibition is part of the ‘Parma, 2020 Italian capital of culture‘ program.
Curated by Antonio Somaini starting from an idea by Michele Guerra, the exhibition takes as its starting point two events dating back to 1895 – the first publication of the story ‘The Time Machine: An Invention’ by HG Wells, and the first public presentation of the Cinématographe of the Lumière Brothers – and goes as far as the most recent techniques of temporal manipulation of moving images produced through artificial intelligence.
The exhibition path is an interesting sequence of film extracts and projections, from the origins to contemporary cinema, from video installations to selected moments in the history of the photography accompanied by exhaustive and well-written bilingual texts (in Italian and English)

cover-image: ‘Time Machine. Vedere e sperimentare il tempo’, Parma, ’24 Hours Psycho’ by Douglas Gordon,1993, installation view.
Douglas Gordon’s 24 Hours Psycho takes Hitchcock’s films and stretches it to make it last 24 hours. Instead of running 24 frames per second, the spectator sees it at 2 frames per second. Photo Inexhibit


‘Time Machine.Vedere e sperimentare il tempo’, Parma. Installation view, photo Inexhibit


‘Time Machine.Vedere e sperimentare il tempo’, Parma’. Still image from Tarantino’s ‘Kill Bill’. The split-screen technique juxtaposes on the screen two events that happen at the same time in different places.


‘Time Machine. Vedere e sperimentare il tempo’, Parma, installation view, photo Inexhibit

Time Machine. Vedere e sperimentare il tempo
(Time Machine. Seeing and experiencing time)
Palazzo del Governatore – piazza Garibaldi 19, Parma
12 January / 3 May 2020

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