The Olivetti stores around the world


The Olivetti stores around the world

Opened at the Garda Museum in Ivrea, the exhibition ”I negozi Olivetti. Poter scegliere la bellezza”, is a tribute to the Olivetti stores around the world.
From Vienna to Chicago, from Paris to Venice, the exhibition offers a compelling journey through the Olivetti stores, with evocative layouts of the spaces accompanied by photos evoking the beauty and the surprising ability to combine architecture, technology, and art in a single environment.
The exhibition is a journey with a strong emotional impact that presents, among others, the Venice store designed by Carlo Scarpa in 1957, the New York store opened on Fifth Avenue in 1954, designed by the BBPR studio, and the glittering space in Paris designed by Gae Aulenti in 1967.

cover: Hans Von Klier, Olivetti store, Sidney, 1972


Gian Antonio Bernasconi, Olivetti store, Vienna, 1950


Gian Antonio Bernasconi, Olivetti store, Forlì, 1951


Leo Lionni, Olivetti store, Chicago, 1956


BBPR, Olivetti store, New York, 1954


Carlo Scarpa, Olivetti store, Venezia, 1958.

I negozi Olivetti. Poter scegliere la bellezza
Museo Garda, Ivrea (To)
26 November / 31 December 2022.

pictures courtesy of Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti

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