The Louvre Museum in Paris opens new multifunctional center


The Louvre Museum opens Studio, a new multifunctional center designed by h2o Architectes

In mid-December 2021, the Louvre Museum in Paris has inaugurated Studio, a new multifunctional center. On 1,200 square meters, Studio consists of two spaces located on the -1 level of the Richelieu Wing: the Forum, a facility for conferences and special exhibition that is also a meeting and gathering space, and a large educational facility featuring nine rooms for workshops and educational courses for children and adults.

Designed by Paris-based h2o Architectes, Studio embodies the new, ambitious strategy through which the French museum aims to improve its visitors’ experience by creating new spaces and tools dedicated to cultural education.
A dynamic socializing space, Forum allows the public of the Louvre museum to take a break during their visit, get information, take part in creative activities, or simply relax.
Marked by arches and cross vaults, the space features a stepped wooden platform that unifies the interior space and provides seating areas and containers. The room walls are covered by an uninterrupted sequence of shelves on which the production of the various creative workshops is on display.





Studio – Musée du Louvre – axonometric drawing, the entrance, and two views of the Forum space. Images courtesy of h2o Architectes.



Studio – Musée du Louvre –  the entrance, and a view of one of the educational workshops; photos courtesy of h2o Architectes.

Musée du Louvre, Studio
Design Team

Architect: h2o architectes
Structural consultant: Équilibre structures
Construction economist: Cabinet Pilté
Fluid engineering office: INEX
Lighting designer: Agence On
Multimedia: Labeyrie & associés
Signage: Wanja Ledowski Studio
Acoustic: ABC Decibel
Fire prevention and safety:
CASSO & Associés

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