The invisible outlines by nendo at CID – Centre for Innovation and Design


From 21 May through 1 October, 2017 the CID – Centre for Innovation and Design at Grand-Hornu (Belgium) hosts the exhibition “nendo: invisible outlines”.

cover: Nendo, vase, thin black lines series, 2010.

Following its debut exhibition in 2003, the “nendo phenomenon” has developed at an astounding pace. Under the guidance of Oki Sato, the design collective has continued to impress us through the coherence and power of its vocabulary and its design which, though inspired by Japanese aesthetics, always features a hint of humour.
About 200 objects will be displayed including: “border table”, “trace collection”, “un-printed material”, and “objectextile”, a collaboration project with Jil Sander.
The exhibition – a European premiere on such a scale – will form an exclusive creation, devised in close relation with the location.


Nendo, Fragment, Glas Italia. © Photo : Kenichi Sonehara

We tend to perceive the existence and positioning of objects by subconsciously following outlines, and by distinguishing the “inside and outside” of these contours. This also means that objects with obscure outlines cannot always be identified as objects, and conversely if outlines are visible, that information which is not visible can be subconsciously supplemented. The exhibition takes this fundamental principle into account, and the following ideas were implemented as a theme. The existence of items are blurred by manipulating outlines in various ways, or the viewers can recognize some existence of an item visually in their minds by making invisible outlines visible.”


Nendo, Deep sea collection, Glas Italia. © Photo: Tommaso Sartori


Nendo, lamp, thin black lines series, 2010. © Photo Masayuki Hayashi


Nendo, Softer than steel, chair with steel frame and seat made of aluminium plate mm15, 2014, Desalto. © Photo: Tommaso Sartori.

nendo : invisible outlines
(temporary exhibition)

From 21 May through 01 October, 2017
CID – Centre for Innovation and Design at Grand-Hornu


Nendo, Rassen, 2013, Hashikura Matsukan by | n meister © Photo: Akihiro Yoshida



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