Sunbrella and Wendy Andreu: sustainable design from textile waste


Sunbrella and Wendy Andreu: sustainable design from textile waste

During the last Dutch Design Week (19/27 October 2019) Sunbrella® – a leader in fabrics for upholstery, curtains, awnings, and marine applications- has presented ‘HARD SELVEDGES’, a new project developed in collaboration with the designer Wendy Andreu.
Committed to pursuing sustainable production, Sunbrella® has taken up the challenge of finding a new purpose for production waste. With ‘Renaissance’, for example, at least 50% of recycled fiber is reused, which is segmented into groups of colors and then mixed with virgin fiber before moving on to the production process.
Wendy Andreu has developed a new technique to ensure the continued sustainability of Sunbrella’s waste. Using the discarded fibers as raw material, she has combined them with a water-based, solvent-free acrylic resin to create a strong and versatile substance, which is at the same time aesthetically pleasing. Each composite material will have an individual design due to the variability of Sunbrella’s fabric waste in colors and patterns. The final product will be multipurpose; it can be poured into molds, cover a pre-existing shape or mixed with other mediums to produce interesting textures.




Wendy Andreu is a French designer graduated at the Eindhoven Design Academy. She is
best known for her Regen technique, a waterproof textile developed using cotton rope and silicone, which she has used for fashion, interiors, and architecture. The fabric is remarkable in its unusual texture and for the distinctive pattern, it gives to each object. In a similar fashion to her work with Sunbrella®, Regen is a sustainable creation as it is shaped in 3D rather than being woven, thus producing zero waste.


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