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Salzburg | Photo Kinetics. Movement, Body & Light in the Collections



From 29 April through 24 September, 2017 the “Museum der Moderne” in Salzburg (Austria)
hosts the exhibition “Photo Kinetics. Movement, Body & Light in the Collections” .

cover: Eadweard Muybridge, Ohne Titel (Bockspringender Mann), 1887 [Untitled (Leapfrogging Man)] Black-and-white photograph, collotype Plate 109, from: Animal Locomotion. An ElectroPhotographic Investigation of Censecutive Phases of Animal Movements. 1872—1885. Museum der Moderne Salzburg—FOTOGRAFIS Bank Austria Collection © Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Photo: Rainer Iglar

Organized in partnership with the Generali Foundation, Photo Kinetics explores the connection between movement, the body, and light in art. The works span a period from the nineteenth century to the present day and encompass a wide variety of media: kinetic objects, performances, and films shown in combination with photograms and photographs, lithographs, and drawings.

museum-der-moderne-salzburg-photo-kinetics-Man Ray

Man Ray , Rayogramm, 1922–1926 Gelatin silver print after rayograph (print 1966–1972) Museum der Moderne Salzburg—FOTOGRAFIS Bank Austria Collection © Museum der Moderne Salzburg / Bildrecht, Vienna, 2017, Photo: Rainer Iglar .

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museum-der-moderne-salzburg-photo-kinetics-Otto Steinert

Otto Steinert , Der Fußgänger, 1950 (The Pedestrian) Gelatin silver print Museum der Moderne Salzburg—FOTOGRAFIS Bank Austria Collection © Estate Otto Steinert, Museum Folkwang, Essen Photo: Hubert Auer .

Works by Marc Adrian (1930 – 2008 Vienna, AT), Francis Bruguière (1879 San Francisco, CA, US – 1945 London, GB), Ernst Caramelle (1952 Hall, AT – Frankfurt am Main, DE and New York, NY, US), Max Ernst (1891 Brühl, DE – 1976 Paris, FR), Simone Forti (1935 Florence, IT – Los Angeles, CA, US), Jaromír Funke (1896 Skuteč, CZ – 1945 Kolín, CZ), Andrea Geyer (1971 Freiburg, DE – New York, NY, US), Lotte Jacobi (1896 Toruń, PL – 1990 Deering, NH, US), Werner Kaligofsky (1957 Wörgl, AT – Vienna, AT), Barbara Kasten (1936 Chicago, IL, US), Erika Giovanna Klien (1900 Borgo Valsugana, IT – 1957 New York, NY, US), Brigitte Kowanz (1957 Vienna, AT), Ulrike Lienbacher (1963 Oberndorf / Salzburg – Salzburg and Vienna, AT), Heinz Loew (1903 Leipzig, DE – 1981 London, GB), Marko Lulić (1972 Vienna, AT), Luiza Margan (1983, Rijeka, HR – Vienna, AT), Dorit Margreiter (1967 Vienna, AT), Gustav Metzger (1926 Nuremberg, DE – 2017 London, GB), László Moholy-Nagy (1895 Bácsborsód, HU – 1946 Chicago, IL, US), Eadweard Muybridge (1830 – 1904 Kingston upon Thames, GB), Mathias Poledna / Karthik Pandian (1965 Vienna, AT – Los Angeles, CA, US / 1981 Los Angeles, CA, US), Ferry Radax (1932 Vienna, AT), Man Ray (1890 Philadelphia, PA, US – 1976 Paris, FR), Christian Schad (1894 Miesbach, DE – 1982 Stuttgart, DE), Alfons Schilling (1934 Basel, CH – 2013 Vienna, AT), Otto Steinert (1915 Saarbrücken, DE – 1978 Essen, DE), Curt Stenvert (1920 Vienna, AT – 1992 Cologne, DE), Helene von Taussig (1879 Vienna, AT – 1942 Ghetto Izbica, PL), Ian Wallace (1943 Shoreham, GB – Vancouver, CA)

The exhibition is curated byAntonia Lotz, Curator of the Generali Foundation Collection, under the leadership of Sabine Breitwieser, Director of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg.


Simone Forti , Huddle, 1976 Integral hologram (Multiplex) Plexiglas reinforcement, polymer protective cover, electric light, wood Exhibition view Simone Forti, 18 Juli—9 November 2014 Generali Foundation Collection—Permanent Loan to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg © Generali Foundation, Photo: Rainer Iglar.

Photo Kinetics. Movement, Body & Light in the Collections
(temporary exhibition)
29 April / 24 September, 2017
Museum der Moderne. Salzburg
Mönchsberg 32 – 5020 Salzburg


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