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Salzburg | William Kentridge at the Museum der Moderne


Until November 5, 2017 the Museum der Moderne Salzburg presents a comprehensive survey of the work of South African artist William Kentridge.

cover: “O Sentimental Machine”, 2015.
Five-channel-video-installation. High-definition video (color and black-andwhite, sound), 9:55 min. 4 megaphones.
Installation view, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humblebæk, 2017.
Commissioned by Carolyn ChristovBakargiev for SALTWATER, 14th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, TR, 2015; exhibition venue: Hotel Splendid Palace, Büyükada Island, TR Courtesy William Kentridge, Marian Goodman Gallery, Goodman Gallery and Lia Rumma Gallery.

Multimedia installations are on view on the Mönchsberg branch, while works for theater and opera are being shown for the first time in a dedicated exhibition in the Rupertinum building in the old town – across the street from the Haus für Mozart. A new installation in the Rupertinum’s atrium will also remain in place for a full year.
William Kentridge (1955 Johannesburg, South Africa) rose to prominence in the 1990s with expressive drawings which he animated in videos. His oeuvre, which covers four decades, has featured different artistic disciplines. For many years, Kentridge has been working successfully on major opera and theater productions. His close relationship with theater, where he has worked as an actor, producer, set and costume designer, informs his visual art, and vice versa.
His multimedia installations for exhibitions and the theater combine outstanding draftsmanship with theatrical vitality.


“More Sweetly Play the Dance”, 2015.
Installation view, EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam, 2015. Courtesy William Kentridge, Marian Goodman Gallery, Goodman Gallery and Lia Rumma Gallery Photo: © Studio Hans Wilschut.

In the Mönchsberg building, the film 10 Drawings for Projection (1989–2011) serves as an introduction to the artist’s favorite themes. The large exhibition space on level 4 showcases seven multimedia installations: the works 7 Fragments for Georges Méliès, Day for Night and Journey to the Moon (2003), a homage to the French silent movie pioneer, give an idea of the artist’s method of working. Two of his more recent installations will also be on show, Notes Towards a Model Opera (2015), about the Cultural Revolution in China, and O Sentimental Machine (2015), produced for the Istanbul Biennale. In Second-Hand Reading (2013) Kentridge presents an early type of film in the form of a flip-book. The exhibition continues with The Refusal of Time, created for documenta 13 (2012) in Kassel, which focuses on time as a form of political and social control. The main exhibition room accommodates a procession of moving images on a fifty-meter frieze entitled More Sweetly Play the Dance (2016).

museum-der-moderne-10-Kentridge-The Refusal of Time

“The Refusal of Time”, 2012.
Installation view, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, DK, 2017 with collaboration of Philip Miller, Catherine Meyburgh and Peter Galison.
Five-channel video projection (color, sound), megaphones, breathing machine, 30 minutes.
Film still Courtesy William Kentridge, Marian Goodman Gallery, Goodman Gallery and Lia Rumma Gallery Photo: © Doug Peters.

The exhibition at the Rupertinum is dedicated to Kentridge’s exploration of theater and opera, with a separate project in each room. An installation consisting of black paper figures, made on site by the artist, leads visitors through the atrium to the two exhibition levels. A vast array of exhibits will be on show there, including posters, drawings, sketches, models, and costumes, created since the late 1970s for his major productions.

William Kentridge Thick Time: Installations and Stagings
until November 5, 2017
Museum der Moderne Salzburg
Mönchsberg 32 5020 Salzburg, Austria

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