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Rome | Interim. Quo Vadis Europa ? photos by Heinz Stephan Tesarek

By FEDERICA LUSIARDI - December 2, 2016


As part of the 15th International festival of photography in Rome, Sala 1 hosts a solo exhibition of the Austrian photographer Heinz Stephan Tesarek with a selection of 40 images from his on-going project “Interim (Zwischenzeit)”.

cover-image: From the picture cycle “Zwischenzeit (Interim)”. Romy Gala (Zwischenzeit 46. Romy-Gala) AUSTRIA / Vienna / 2010 / After the Romy television award presentation at the Vienna Hofburg. © Heinz Stephan Tesarek / www.heinztesarek.com

The photographic inventory “Interim (Zwischenzeit)”, made by the documentary photographer Heinz Stephan Tesarek, is a guide across Europe, traversing the worlds of powerful and powerless through an age of emerging discord: refugees arriving next to the celebrations of private parties, victims of Islamic terror next to the marches of Fascist organizations, TV screen-shots from entertainment shows next to hidden messages in the basement pubs of the jobless.

Whither Europe? “Interim (Zwischenzeit)” draws the portrait of a society whose current state resembles the well-known descriptions of declining cultures.


From the picture cycle “Zwischenzeit (Interim)” Interim 55. Miss Fashion TV II (Zwischenzeit 55. Miss Fashion TV II) AUSTRIA / Vienna / 2008 / Election of Miss Fashion TV Europe. Fashion-TV president Michel Adam Lisowski and participants. © Heinz Stephan Tesarek / www.heinztesarek.com.

The exhibition, curated by Lidia Ciotta and organized by Sala 1 – Centro Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea, is a project of the Forum Austriaco di Cultura Rome in collaboration with Edition Lammerhuber. The complete picture series Interim (Zwischenzeit) can be seen online at www.zwischenzeit.com

Heinz Stephan Tesarek
December 6, 2016 / January 10, 2017
(Opening hours: Tuesday- Saturday 16.30-19.30)
Sala 1 – Centro Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea
Piazza di porta San Giovanni, 10 – 00185 Roma


From the picture cycle “Zwischenzeit (Interim)”. Interim 78. Romanies IV – Settlement (Zwischenzeit 78. Roma IV – Siedlung). SLOVAKIA / Hermanovce / 2009 / Romany settlement in east Slovakia. © Heinz Stephan Tesarek / www.heinztesarek.com.

All images courtesy of http://www.salauno.com/


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