Recycled cork for the new benches and stools by Agape


Recycled cork for the new benches and stools by Agape

Agape’s collection reveals new sustainable stools and benches according to the principles of the circular economy. Designed by Marco Carini, ‘Vis-à-vis‘ is a light and versatile stool, made of recycled cork, which can also be used as a coffee table. The particular shape of the stool allows you to combine several units to form dynamic groups of seats and tops.
Even the ‘Rendez-vous’ bench, produced in three different heights, can be used individually or combined to create seating groups. The top is made with cork ropes (with a metal core) woven by hand, while the structure is made of recycled and painted aluminum.

For both collections, Agape has chosen cork – a material that is a rising star of the circular economy – derived from the wild-growing cork oak (Quercus suber). This generous tree retains high levels of CO2 and produces large amounts of oxygen. The process of cork harvesting is carried out every nine years, in harmony with the tree’s natural cycles. The result is an extraordinary waterproof and fire-resistant material with natural elasticity and durability.
Only recycled cork from waste material is used for “Vis-à-vis” and “Rendez-vous”. Discarded material from the production of wine bottle stoppers is ground into small grains and then agglomerated with suberin, the resin of cork, without the addition of chemical adhesives, or flaked and then texturized on a cotton backing to form strips.

cover image: Agape, ‘Rendez-vous’ bench.






above: Agape, ‘ Vis-à-vis’ stool.


above: Agape, ‘Rendez-vous’ bench.


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