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Madrid | The police are present, by Luzinterruptus

police luzinterruptus madrid

Inexhibit publishes the last performance of Luzinterruptus in Madrid.
“The police are present” is an act of protest against a lawthat restricts the freedoms of citizens, promulgated on July 11, 2014.



“The police are present”, by  Luzinterruptus
We are very angry with the draft of the Citizen Security Law approved on July 11th, that clearly implies a restriction of civil liberties.
This act, more commonly known as the “Gag Law”, has as its ultimate purpose, the illegalization of citizen’s protests against the government, and in order to achieve this, seeing that many of its articles go against the Spanish Constitution, dangerously eroding the rights of assembly and demonstration in public spaces and the citizens in frankly defenseless, with greater possibilities of being arrested and fined.
The law overprotects the security forces in the exercise of their law enforcement functions, being able to exercise violence against the citizens with impunity and according to their subjective criterion.
To protest against this law, which affects us as citizens and as artists, we took to the streets with our lights, to carry out “The police are present“ an intervention with which we wanted to bring into view, a not too distant scenario, in which an omnipresent police force, controls our behavior in a completely besieged public space.
We chose the street Marqués de Casa Riera, near the heavily guarded Congress of Deputies and the day after the approval of the law, we arrived, loaded up with our lights and prepared to make this popular street into the most heavily guarded in Madrid.
200 roast chicken containers, colored cellophane paper and flashing LED’s, served to help us convert simple parked cars, into threatening police vehicles.

We used 30 cars, some with the permission of their owners, which they lent to us amused by the “action”, and we just had to put 7 container on the roof of each vehicle, imitating in shape and color, the lights on the cars of the National Police.
In less than 5 minutes we left the street full of patrol cars, and the people that walked placidly along there, unexpectedly found themselves surrounded by this “amazing” security force.


Images and text by Luzinterruptus  http://www.luzinterruptus.com


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