Pinacoteca Agnelli presents Le Corbusier. Travels, objects, and collections


Pinacoteca Agnelli presents  “Le Corbusier. Travels, objects, and collections”

The Pinacoteca Agnelli in Turin reopens its doors with the exhibition “Le Corbusier. Viaggi, oggetti e collezioni” (Le Corbusier. Travels, objects, and collections).
The exhibition traces the life of the great French-Swiss architect through documents, photographs, and many objects rediscovered following the restoration, curated by the Fondation Le Corbusier, of Le Corbusier’s apartment in Rue Nungesser et Coli, Paris.
Among the pieces on view, there are stones, driftwood, shells, metal, and glass objects which were collected by Le Corbusier as poetic objects (objets à réaction poétique) capable of triggering his creative process.
Photographs and sketches of cars demonstrate Le Corbusier’s passion for vehicles and means of transport. Furthermore, another section of the exhibition is dedicated to his journeys and includes tickets, tourist brochures, and postcards of monuments that the architect collected and stored carefully.
The exhibition is curated by Cristian Chironi and organized by Pinacoteca Agnelli in collaboration with Fondation le Corbusier in Paris, which preserves most of the documents and objects belonged to the architect. FIAT is the main partner of the project.






“Le Corbusier. Travels, objects, and collections”, installation views. Courtesy of  Pinacoteca Agnelli, Torino.

Le-Corbusier-pinacoteca-agnelli-c-Fondation Le Corbusier(20)

Le-Corbusier-pinacoteca-agnelli-c-Fondation Le Corbusier(32)

Le-Corbusier-pinacoteca-agnelli-c-Fondation Le Corbusier(36)

Le-Corbusier-pinacoteca-agnelli-c-Fondation Le Corbusier-objects-(23)

Le-Corbusier-pinacoteca-agnelli-c-Fondation Le Corbusier-objects-(27)

Le-Corbusier-pinacoteca-agnelli-c-Fondation Le Corbusier(39)

Le-Corbusier-pinacoteca-agnelli-c-Fondation Le Corbusier(33)

Drawings, objects, and photographs from the collection of Fondation Le Corbusier. Above: a view of Le Corbusier’s apartment in Rue Nungesser et Coli in Paris. Images courtesy of Pinacoteca Agnelli.

Le Corbusier. Travels, objects, and collections
temporary exhibition
27 April  /  5 September 2021
Pinacoteca Agnelli
Via Nizza, 230/103 – 10126 Torino (Italy)

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