Paris | Habitat Métropole: urban housing at the Pavillon de L’Arsenal


The 2015 key program of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris, entitled Habitat Métropole, is focused on urban housing.

Through exhibitions, publications, educational activities, workshops and films, the program investigates what housing means within the context of today large cities, from its more intimate and emotional role to the relationship between urban dwellings and democracy.
Among the many events proposed, Inexhibit particularly mentions two exhibitions.

Cover image: Habitat Métropole logo, courtesy of Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Paris Habitat. Cent ans de Ville-cents ans de vie.
Pavillon de l’Arsenal – Paris
curated by Javier Arpa
From February, 12 to May, 2015

The exhibition  Paris Habitat. Cent ans de Ville-cents ans de vie (One hundred years of City – One hundred years of life) organized in collaboration with  Paris Habitat, is dedicated to social housing and its evolution over time. In Paris, the history of social housing is linked to that of an institution founded in 1914, the  Office Public d’Habitations à Bon Marché pour la Ville de Paris, now known as Paris Habitat, that involves over 1,200 operations, 120,000 dwellings and 200,000 lodgers. To depict this huge patrimony, the exhibition is organized around a 120 square-meter scale model-installation, a representation of Paris composed of fragments of reality, each expressing the aim to change the city through its housing.
The maquette depicts the urban areas managed by Paris Habitat, some of which are currently under construction.




 From top to bottom, from left to right: 1930, 274 dwellings © Archives Paris-Habitat-OPH; 1955 -1956, 493 dwellings, J.Bourgeois, J. Bukiet, J-B. Hourlier, G. Lesou, A. Picard, G. Tourry architects, © Collection Pavillon de l’Arsenal; 1969, 1767 dwellings, André N. Coquet / Henri Auffret /D. Auger, architect © Archives Paris-Habitat-OPH; 1961, Tour Bois le Prêtre,100 dwellings, Raymond Lopez, architect, © Collection Pavillon de l’Arsenal; 2010, 63 dwellings, X-TU Architects© Javier Arpa; 2012, housing, Stéphane Maupin, architect © Cécile Septet; 2013, 234 dwellings, Thibaud Babled Architects © Julien Lanoo.
All images: courtesy of Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Paysages Habités (Inhabited landscapes)
Pavillon de l’Arsenal Paris
curated by Emmanuel Combarel
From February 12, 2015.

Prepared in collaboration with the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture di Versailles, the exhibition  Paysages Habités presents a research carried out by 137 students, each of which examined a dwelling-house following a series of predefined criteria, conceived so to make all cases comparable. The study has provided new paradigms, including those deduced from “ordinary” events and every-day behaviors, suitable to improve our understanding of the urban environment.

Pavillon de l’Arsenal

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