Paris | The (fully recycled) Circular Pavilion by Encore Heureux

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On the occasion of the COP 21 event, the Pavillon Circulaire, a building entirely made of recycled materials, will be installed by the Pavillon de L’Arsenal right in front of the City Hall of Paris. 

The pavilion implements the principles of circular economy, which considers waste building materials as a valuable, reusable, resource.

Indeed, the pavilion facade is composed of 180 timber doors, salvaged from the renovation works of a apartment complex, the rock wool for the insulation has been recovered from an old supermarket, furniture come from Paris’ dumps, and the lighting system is made of disused public lighting equipment.

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The Circular Pavilion opens on October 24th and will host exhibitions, debates and meetings until January 6th, 2016, when it will be disassembled and re-built in the 15th arrondissement of Paris to be used as a venue for a local sport association.

The design of the Pavillion Circulare is by architecture collective Encore Heureux, founded in 2001 by architects Nicola Delon and Julien Choppin.

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pavillon circulaire Paris Encore Heureux 02

Further information are available at:

all images courtesy of Pavillon de L’arsenal – Paris

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