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NYC | Dream the Combine’s winning design of MoMA PS1’s YAP 2018


“Hide & Seek” by Jennifer Newsom and Tom Carruthers of ‘Dream The Combine’, in collaboration with Clayton Binkley of ARUP, has been named the winner of The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1’s annual Young Architects Program.

cover: Jennifer Newsom, Tom Carruthers  (Dream The Combine), “Hide & Seek” , rendering.

Opening in June 2018, this year’s construction is a responsive, kinetic environment that features nine intersecting elements arrayed across the entirety of the MoMA PS1 courtyard. Drawn from among five finalists, “Hide & Seekwill serve as a temporary urban landscape for the 21st season of Warm Up, MoMA PS1’s outdoor music series, and remain on view through the summer.

Inspired by the crowd, the street, and the jostle of relationships found in the contemporary city, “Hide & Seek” enables surprising connections throughout the adjoining courtyards of MoMA PS1 and the surrounding streets.

Each of the horizontal structures contains two inward-facing, gimbaled mirrors suspended from a frame. The mirrors move in the wind or with human touch, permitting dislocating views and unique spatial relationships across the space that foster unexpected interactions.
As the vanishing points disappear into the depths of the mirrors, the illusion of space expands beyond the physical boundaries of the Museum and bends into new forms, creating visual connections within the courtyard and onto the streets outside. In reference to these unpredictable gestures, the upper registers of the steel structure will be filled with a cloud of mist and light, responding to the activity and life of Warm Up at night. Scriptive elements, including a runway and a large-scale hammock, invite visitors into performance and establish platforms for improvisation.


“Hide & Seek”, stills from video.

Design: Jennifer Newsom and Tom Carruthers of Dream The Combine in collaboration with Clayton Binkley of ARUP
Structural Engineering: Clayton Binkley and Kristen Strobel, ARUP
Project Team: Max Ouellette-Howitz, Nero He, Tom Vogel, Emmy Tong, and Erik Grinde, with support from UMN School of Architecture
Lighting Consultant: Yuliya Savelyeva, ARUP
Mist Consultant: Urs Hildebrand, THEFOGSYSTEM
Donation-in-Kind of canopy fabric: Hunter Douglas
Fabrication: Jacobsson Carruthers
Video production: Isaac Gale
Photography: Caylon Hackwith

Images courtesy of MoMA PS1  http://momaps1.org/

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