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‘Modern & Vintage. Paris Design Fair’ celebrates the work of Olivier Mourgue

2001-odissea-nello-spazio-stazione-orbitante-poltrone Djinn

A white space, dazzling and aseptic. A man enters the scene, walks and is saluted by a group of people chatting amiably, seated on red chairs which looks somewhat as alien creatures.
It’s one of the most visually powerful sequences of Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey”, in which Dr. Heywood Floyd briefly stops at orbital Space Station V before beginning his trip towards the Clavius Base lunar settlement.
The chairs the great British director chose for the lounge area of the fictional space station’s hotel, and that have become thereafter a modern icon, were the “Djinn chairs” French designer Olivier Mourgue created in 1965.
Now, an exhibition at the 38th edition of Modern & Vintage – Paris Design Fair, taking place from 5 through 8 April 2018 in Paris-Port de Versailles, celebrates the work of Mourgue.


Above and cover image: Stanley Kubrick , “2001: A Space Odyssey”, 1968. The lounge of the Hilton Hotel on the orbital station.

Part of the program of events of the Paris’ fair – which is exclusively focused on design from the 1950s to 2000 – the exhibition, organized by gallerist Jean-Yves Allemand, will pay homage to Mourgue.
Born in Paris in 1939, since the 1960s Mourgue designed popular furniture and house accessories characterized by a playful look, such as the 1967 Flower lamp for Disderot and the Montreal Chair, he conceived for Expo 1967. Yet, he reached a worldwide fame with the Djinn series – whose concept was inspired by the Jinn geniuses of Arabic culture who can take whichever form they want, either human or animal – Stanley Kubrick chose as emblematic furniture of the future. After fifty years, the chairs – which featured a then-innovative combination of a steel structure, an expanded polyurethane foam lining, and a fabric covering – still retains all their “futuristic” appearance.

DJINN chair-Olivier-MOURGUE-1

Série Djinn – Design Olivier Mourgue © Visa Vu


Left: © fauteuil Montréal – Mourgue F Gaillard 1967. Right: © série DJINN- Design Olivier MOURGUE © VISA-VU .


© Appilques Flower – Design Olivier Mourgue pour Disderot

Images courtesy of Modern & Vintage – Paris Design Fair.  https://www.pucesdudesign.com/fr/


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