Milan Design Week 2019 | Starck’s mirror and Grcic’s glass lamps by FLOS


At the Milan Design Week 2019, FLOS presents two new products designed by two masters of contemporary design. In both cases, more than lamps, they are unconventional lighting objects based on LED technology.
Noctambule, a collection of blown glass designed by Konstantin Grcic, is presented through an installation at the FLOS showroom in Corso Monforte 15.
The installation consists of a group of visually bold clusters made by combining a number of clear glass cylinders connected to one another by LED stripe rings at both ends. Inspired by nocturnal animals, almost invisible in the daylight, Noctambule is available in two versions – floor lamp and ceiling light – and can be completed with dome-shaped or cone-shaped “heads”.
On the other side, Philippe Starck plays with his own image, as well as with his status of “pop star of design” (in his installation Starck’s portrait transforms into the long-blond-haired head of a greyhound), to present his new “invention”, a cinema-inspired mirror equipped with a luminous frame entitled “La Plus Belle” (The Most Beautiful One).
The installation is on display at the FLOS Flagship Store in Corso Monforte 9 until April 14, 2019.





Above and cover image: Noctambule by Konstantin Grcic, FLOS showroom, Corso Monforte 15, Milan (April, 9-14, 2019) photos Federica Lusiardi / Inexhibit.


Above: La Plus Belle by Philippe Starck; FLOS Flagship Store, Corso Monforte 9, Milan (April, 9-14, 2019) photo courtesy of FLOS


La Plus Belle by Philippe Starck, FLOS Flagship Store, Corso Monforte 9, Milan (April, 9-14, 2019) Federica Lusiardi / Inexhibit.

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