Milan Design Week 2019 | Casa Ojalá at the Galleria Post Design/Memphis

B-Bonzanigo-.Casa Ojala-Chile

The installation “CASA OJALÁ / INHABITING THE INFINITE CHOICE” will be presented during the next Milan Design Week (April 9/14, 2019).

cover image:  Casa Ojalá_Chile. Photo credit: Guido Pallini

A 1:10 scale model of the CASA OJALÁ, a patented project by Architect Beatrice Bonzanigo (IB Studio), will be hosted at the Post Design Gallery / Memphis, in the heart of the Brera district, together with the exhibition’ Memphis + Post Design: a selection in 5 rooms’.

Casa OJALÁ is a small house (27 sqm) offering multiple interior solutions working in synchrony without ever changing the original structure and shape.
Casa OJALÁ is installed through a mechanical system composed of ropes, pulleys and cranks.
The flexibility of the space is made possible thanks to the innovative solution of sliding walls, in Wood-Skin and fabric, which are rolled up on posts placed at the edge of the circumference and in the center of the structure.
Casa OJALÁ #1 has two bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with a single bed, a bathroom, a terrace, a kitchenette and a living room, which can be continuously transformed into one another or become a large outdoor platform.
The small housing unit – wich is completely removable and transportable –  does not need any external assistance, neither human nor technological: it includes a rainwater collection system, it can be equipped with solar energy and is integrated by a small biological pit.
Conceived as a support pavilion for hotels that want to offer new housing solutions without facing a real construction site to expand, Casa OJALÁ can be installed anywhere, on any type of terrain.

B-Bonzanigo-Casa- Ojala-Canada

Casa Ojalá – Canada

B-Bonzanigo-Casa Ojala-Sliding-externa- walls-scheme

 Casa Ojalá_Sliding external walls scheme Wood-Skin and fabrics

B-Bonzanigo-Casa- Ojala-Constructive-elements

Casa Ojalá_Construction elements.

B-Bonzanigo-Casa- Ojala-Iceland

Casa Ojalá-Iceland, photo credit: Filippo Maffei

Images courtesy of © IB Studio, all rights reserved.

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