Milan Design Week 2017 | DOUTDESign by Zona Santambrogio design district


Milan design week 2017: the exhibition DOUTDESign organized by “Zona Santambrogio design district” will be dedicated to young emerging designers.

During the next Milan Design Week, from 4 to 9 April, the former monastery located in Via San Vittore 49 gives ample space to smart products and sustainability.
DOUTDESign promotes the self-production of both Italian and foreign young designers who control the entire design process, from inception to distribution, by themselves.

cover-image: DOUTDESign 2017. Sandra Lundberg, “Presence”, a lamp designed to encourage interaction


DOUTDESign 2017. Ginevra Taccola. From a materials research named “Alchimia” a bioplastic derived from orange peels


DOUTDESign 2017. S. Monacchi, M. Testelli, L. Toscano, L. Viscardi – “MENELAVO” is a set of four brick-like soaps aimed to draw attention to the problem of illegal construction

DOUTDESign 2017
Zona Santambrogio headquarter: Via S. Vittore 49
Milan Design Week 2017
4 / 9 April, 2017


View of the courtyard of the former monastery of Via San Vittore, home of DOUTDESign. Photo © Inexhibit, 2015 

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2017 Milan Design Week and Furniture Fair

2017 Milan Design Week and Furniture Fair

2017 Milan Design Week and Furniture Fair

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