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London Design Festival 2017 | the program at the V&A – Victoria and Albert Museum


Now in its fifteenth year, the London Design Festival (LDF) – which takes place from 16 through 24 September 2017 – features over 450 projects and events.
LDF continues its long-standing relationship with the Victoria and Albert Museum and, also for this edition, the vast program at the V&A includes installations, talks, tours, workshops and demonstrations covering all aspects of the design world.

cover image: Julian Melchiorri, Exhale, bionic chandelier

Some of the installations to be shown at the V & A

Refection Room designed by Flynn Talbot, uses 56 custom-made stretch membrane Barrisol panels in gloss black. Woven within the panels are Tryka LED profiles emitting vivid orange and blue hues. The resulting play of verticals serves to transform the space into a vivid reflective space of colored light made with a futuristic textile, paying homage to the history of the room itself, that previously housed over 30,000 textile samples.



Flynn Talbot, Refection Room

British designer Ross Lovegrove, inspired by the Devonshire Hunting Tapestries on display at the V&A, has created Transmission, a spectacular 21.3-meter-long fluid and free-standing three dimensional tapestry, using Alcantara®, a tactile and sound absorbent material and an alternative to animal based textiles.


Ross Lovegrove, Transmission

Inspired by the scenic Cremisan Valley located on the seam between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, the installation While We Wait aims to explore the cultural claim over nature in Palestine. The work, conceived by Palestinian architects Elias and Yousef Anastas, navigates the issues surrounding the construction of a wall through the middle of the Valley in the Palestinian landscape, which has separated links between a monastery and the local community. While We Wait is a stone construction of a lace-like pattern, in which the sophisticated dentelle structure is in  contrast to the plain uniform concrete of the separation wall.


Elias and Yousef Anastas, While We Wait

Slave/Master combines contemporary dance, cutting-edge robotics and interactive projection graphics in a collaborative performance, with the audience able to roam freely around the space. The installation explores the “borders” around robot interaction, reversing the traditional “fear” portrayed in sci-fi films of robots oppressing humans. The concept, costumes and production were devised by BR Innovation Agency, with projection graphic technology from Holition and dancers and choreography from the London Contemporary Ballet Theater.

Julian Melchiorri is an innovation design engineer and entrepreneur and CEO of Arborea, a biochemical technology company. Drawing inspiration from the V&A’s collections, Julian has developed Exhale, the world’s first living and breathing chandelier utilizing novel bionic-leaf technologies. (cover image)

Images courtesy of London Design Festival



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