London | And the winners are…The winners of the 10th Beazley Designs of the Year


The Design Museum in London has revealed the winners of the 10th annual Beazley Designs of the Year.

cover image: Scewo, Beazley Transport Design of the Year

Every year, the award celebrates the best in architecture, fashion, digital, graphics and transport design. Presenting all the 60 nominated designs through models, drawings, prototypes, videos, and photographs, the exhibition is open at the Design Museum in Kensington High Street until 18 February 2018.

Here is the list of winners

Beazley Design of the Year Overall Winner and Beazley Architecture Design of the Year
Designers: Adjaye Associates, The Freelon Group, Davis Brody Bond, SmithGroupJJR for the Smithsonian Institution.
The museum was inaugurated by President Obama in September 2016 and is a long-awaited symbol for the African American contribution to the nation’s history and identity.

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Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture: Beazley Design of the Year Overall Winner and Beazley Architecture Design of the Year.

Beazley Graphic Design of the Year
FRACTURED LANDS. The New York Times Magazine, August 14, 2016
Designers: Jake Silverstein, Editor-in-Chief, Gail Bichler, Design Director, and Matt Willey, Art Director, for the New York Times Magazine.
The Fractured Lands issue contained a single nonfiction narrative by Scott Anderson and 20 photographs by Paolo Pellegrin. The product of some 18 months of reporting, it tells the story of the catastrophe that has fractured the Arab world since the invasion of Iraq 13 years ago, leading to the rise of ISIS and the global refugee crisis.


Fractured Lands: Beazley Graphic Design of the Year

Beazley Product Design of the Year

Designers: Graviky Labs
Air Ink is a clean-tech company that has industrialized the process of capturing and recycling air pollution emissions into advanced pigments and inks.


Air-Ink: BeazleyProduct Design of the Year

Beazley Fashion Design of the Year

Designers: Rachel Henry, Baron Brandt and Megan Saalfeld for Nike.
Nike has worked alongside a team of athletes to develop a single-layer stretchy Hijab inspired by Sarah Attar’s win for Saudi Arabia at the 2012 Olympics.
It was unveiled two days before International Women’s Day.


NIKE PRO HIJAB: Beazley Fashion Design of the Year

Beazley Transport Design of the Year

Designers: Thomas Gemperle, Adrien Weber, Naomi Stieger, Stella Mühlhaus, Bernhard Winter, Pascal Buholzer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.
Scewo is a stairclimbing mobility device that will allow disabled and elderly persons to be more flexible and independently reach locations that were previously inaccessible. Scewo is  developed by a group of students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

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