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Lège Cap Ferret | Lesser-known aspects of Le Corbusier’s life

By FEDERICA LUSIARDI - March 29, 2017

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There are personalities so renowned that we think we know all about their life and work, and one of them is certainly Le Corbusier. Nevertheless, the exhibition Le Corbusier, mes années sauvages sur le Bassin -1926-1936, now on show at Lège Cap Ferret – southwestern France, once again reveals how complex, surprising, and fascinating the life of perhaps the most famous pioneer of modern architecture was.

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The exhibition, open through 23 September, 2015, organized in collaboration with the municipality of Lège Cap Ferret and  with the Fondation Le Corbusier, depicts the holidays spent by Le Corbusier and his wife Yvonne in the Arcachon Bay area, on the French Atlantic coast, between 1926 and 1936.
What comes out is the portrait of a man looking for a “savage happiness”, hanging out with local people on sunny days, marked out by the cycle of tides, taking inspiration from the landscape for his paintings, collecting fragments of nature – seashells, driftwood, pebbles smoothed by the waves; thus revealing an aspect of Le Corbusier’s personality rarely covered in his official biographies.

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«Ce Piquey est plein d’une vie saine, calme à l’échelle. A l’échelle humaine; cela tout est là, c’est cela que les civilisations détruisent, plongeant les hommes dans l’artifice et les malheurs.»
(“This Piquey is plenty of a healthy, calm, humane life. At a human scale; this is everything, and  what is destroyed by civilization, plunging men into artifice and disgrace.)

From a letter by Le Corbusier to his mother, 1932.

Le Corbusier, mes années sauvages sur le Bassin.1926-1936  
11 July through 23 September, 2015
Salle Pauilhac Médiathèque de petit Piquey / Lège Cap Ferret

Images courtesy of Hubert Bruno

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