Ispa link & Link Axix – Nike’s new disassemblable and fully recyclable shoes


Ispa link & Link Axix – Nike’s new disassemblable and fully recyclable shoes

Ispa Link and Link Axis are two innovative sneakers by Nike designed to be taken apart and fully recycled at the end of their life cycle.
Following the principles of circular economy, their design of the footwear was inspired by the so-called ISPA ((Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt) philosophy an invite to designers to break traditional rules.
The capability of the Ispa Link model to be completely disassembled makes it possible to take easily take the shoe apart and recycle its materials separately, thus greatly reducing the amount of waste and, consequently, the impact on the environment.
The result of thirty years of experimenting, Ispa Link, entirely made with recycled materials, is a glueless shoe held together by its geometry. Quite interestingly, this design approach also resulted in a modified manufacturing process that reduced energy consumption and simplified production



Nike Ispa Link, sole detail, and a view of the shoe disassembled into its three modules.


The Nike Link Axis is made of 100% recycled polyester.

When they will be available
Composed of three interlocked modules connected without glue, Ispa Link will be available from June 2022, while the Link Axis, made of totally recycled polyester – will be on sale in 2023.

20 years ago, Nike was already experimenting with modular and disassemblable footwear, in 2002, with the Presto Clip model and, in 2005, with the Zvezdochka created in collaboration with famed Australian designer Mark Newson.

Nike Presto Clip


Nike Zvezdochka

All images courtesy of Nike.

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