George Lucas unveils his new Museum of Narrative Art

Lucas museum Chigago MAD design 03

George Lucas, along with being a celebrated film director and producer and the founder of the IL&M special effects company, will soon be the initiator of a new spectacular museum dedicated to narrative art.
The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, expected to open in Chicago in 2018, will be focused on the history of visual image, from illustration to cinema to digital media.

In June 2014 the LMNA announced that Chinese practice MAD has been selected to design the museum, in collaboration with Chicago-based Studio Gang for the landscape design and VOA Associates as executive architect. The Beijing-based firm has overcome several internationally acclaimed architectural practices such as Danish UNStudio.
Now the first images of the future museum have been revealed. MAD is known for its “futuristic” design and we guess this project should not fail to meet a Sci-Fi master’s expectations.

Lucas museum Chigago MAD design 01

Lucas museum Chigago MAD design 02

Indeed, the LMNA design by MAD resembles a giant creature from outer space marking Chicago’s waterfront with its white, organic-shaped, volume.
The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will sit in the Museum Campus park, facing Lake Michigan; a new bridge will connect the Lucas museum to opposite Northerly Island, for which Studio Gang has already prepared a framework to transform it in an innovative ecological urban habitat.

Update:  On June 24, 2016, George Lucas announced that the museum would not be located in Chicago. On January 10, 2017, it was officially announced that the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts will be built in Exposition Park, Los Angeles.

Ordos Museum MAD

Studio-Gang-Northerly-Island Lucas

Top: Ordos Museum in China by MAD; photo by Iwan Baan
Bottom: the Northerly Island project in Chicago by Studio Gang

All images courtesy of Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts

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