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Genovesino, an unrecognized master of Italian painting

Exhibition Genovesino Luigi Miradori Cremona

Until 4 february 2018, the Ala Ponzone Museum in Cremona features the exhibition Genovesino. Nature and Invention in 17th Century Painting

Born in Genoa (hence his nickname), Luigi Miradori also known as Genovesino is one of the most extravagant and original Italian Baroque painters; after living his home city he briefly settled in Piacenza before moving to Cremona in 1637 where he lived until his death in 1656.
The works Genovesino made during his 20-year-long stay in Lombardy are characterized by a personal style which combines the reality of Caravaggio with a typically Baroque passion for fancy, surprising effects.

Possibly because his career did not develop in a major center, Genovesino is still a not-so-known artist, despite his works clearly express great originality and brilliant artistic capability.
That’s why this exhibition in Cremona, the first solo retrospective exhibition dedicated to Genovesino, eventually fills a gap.
Curated by Marco Tanzi, Francesco Frangi and Valerio Guazzoni, and designed by Bianchini & Lusiardi architects, the exhibition unfold chronologically and thematically into six galleries.
Fifty paintings by Genovesino are on view in the exhibition, on loan from museums, religious institutions and private collections in Italy and the United States.

On the occasion of the Genovesino exhibition, Cremona will hosts also a program of concerts, and and art-related activities and special events.

Mostra Genovesino Cremona Inexhibit 01

Mostra Genovesino Cremona Inexhibit 04

Mostra Genovesino Cremona Inexhibit 14

Mostra Genovesino Cremona Inexhibit 16

Genovesino exhibition, Cremona, entrance room, installation view; photos © Inexhibit, 2017

Mostra Genovesino Cremona Inexhibit 11

Mostra Genovesino Cremona Inexhibit 03

Genovesino Luigi Miradori Cremona Inexhibit 1

Genovesino Luigi Miradori Cremona Inexhibit 2

Genovesino exhibition, installation views; photo © Inexhibit

Genovesino Luigi Miradori Lute Player Baroque painting Inexhibit

Genovesino (Luigi Miradori) Lute PLayer with Vanitas Symbols, c. 1640, oil on canvas, Palazzo Rosso, Genoa;  photo © Inexhibit


Genovesino (Luigi Miradori) Portrait of marquis Sigismondo Ponzone, 1646, oil on canvas, Ala Ponzone Museum, Cremona

Genovesino Rest on the Flight into Egypt

Genovesino (Luigi Miradori), Rest of the Flight into Egypt, detail, 1651, oil on canvas



Views of the preparation of the “Genovesino” exhibition; Photos © Inexhibit.


Cremona, The Ala Ponzone Museum

Genovesino. Nature and Invention in the Cremonese 17th Painting”
from 6 october 2017 through 4 february 2018
Museo Civico Ala Ponzone, Via Ugolani Dati, 6 – Cremona

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