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Dutch Design Week 2017 | The Future City is Flexible by The Why Factory and MVRDV

By FEDERICA LUSIARDI - November 28, 2017


During the the current edition of the Dutch Design Week, The Why Factory and MVRDV, present the project “The Future City is Flexible | (W)ego“.

Based on the hypothesis of maximum density achievement and maximum desire fulfillment, the (W)ego installation “The Future City is Flexible”, explores the potentials of desire-based design processes capable of introducing the users’ wishes in the construction of housing and the city.

The (W)ego installation located at Marktplein square is part of a research conducted by the Why Factory that investigates participatory processes applied to lodging.
(W)ego proposes a new urban model whose primal matter is the users’ most elaborate fantasies. It aspires to reconstruct, in a dense urban environment, a participative dream, a living mosaic that contains an unlimited amount of desired accommodation solutions.




The Why Factory and MVRDV, The Future City is Flexible | (Wego), photos © Ossip van Duivenbode. Courtesy of DDW. 

Dutch Design Week- Eindhoven

The Future City is Flexible | (W)ego
Location: Markt
21 / 29  October, 2017

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